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Backing emissions reduction & adaptation since 2015.
Sundeep Ahuja (10 yrs in climate, 3x founder).
DY (founder, operator, climate advocate).
Advisor: Michael Luciani (founder, climate and crypto investor).
Also see: C3 (sister firm of Climate Capital),

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Transportation & Real Estate
  • Atmo (Realtime weather predictions)
  • Kettle (Climate impact re-insurance)
  • reThought (Climate impact insurance)
  • Cervest (Climate impact risk assessment)
  • Pano (Automated wildfire management)
Carbon & Other
Alt Protein

      Exits: Ampaire (Surf Air)
      Initial investment $10k - $500k+; some investments above were made via Sundeep's Duro Ventures Syndicate (portfolio)
      Select Advisory (current & previous): Renewal Workshop, Thrive Natural
      Also see: HALINE ("Hunger Games meets climate change"), Last Glimpse (a visit to the Maldives which faces rising sea levels),
      Prior climate work: blissmo (introduced shoppers to sustainable products; acq by Garten), Silicon Climate (non-profit climate accelerator).

      In Loving Memory: former CC Partner Mike Kruzeniski.